Durable Frosted Window Films for Properties

in Manchester

If you’re looking for high-quality frosted window films and anti-glare windows, choose ProTinting UK your one-stop shop for films in Manchester. We offer no-obligation quotes to every customer and our services are provided to the highest standards. Domestic and commercial window films are available, so get in touch today!

Why Choose Window Films?

Choosing these films has a number of benefits. Whether you need solar control, privacy, decoration, or security you’re sure to benefit from the services that we provide. Visit our gallery to see the range of films we’ve offered.

Solar Window Films

ProTinting UK offers exceptional quality when it comes to solar window films. These films can reduce heat significantly while still allowing natural light to enter the building. Call us now to discuss your requirements.

Anti-Glare Window Films

If you need to reduce the effect of glare from the sun, choose these films. Here at ProTinting UK, we offer excellent quality anti-glare window films at very competitive prices, so call us now!

Frosted Window Films

These films are perfect for those who want privacy in their home or office. The film is translucent and allows light to enter the room. It can be directly applied on the existing glass and with many designs to choose from, it improves the appearance of your home or office.

Privacy window films

Our privacy window films are the best alternative to frosted films. We provide a non-reflective inside finish, and this allows people on the inside to see out clearly. It is one of the most popular window films in the UK. For more information on privacy window films, contact ProTinting UK now.

Security and Safety Window Films

Security film on your windows prevents them from breaking on impact. They also significantly increase the level of force it would take to break the glass. To request a free, no-obligation quote on security window film, contact us today.

Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Anti-graffiti film is fitted externally to any glass window or internally to any flat smooth surface. With a clear appearance, anti-graffiti film acts as a barrier to protect the glass from vandals attempting to scratch, etch, or spray paint windows, mirrors, bus shelters, and more.

For further information on our frosted window films and anti-glare windows, call now, in Manchester.